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    Vidiot offers a fun team building tournament that encourages communication & strategy. The tournament consists of picking as many games as there are players, breaking the players into evenly matched teams, and then setting a time to compete. Each team selects a name consisting of three letters, like the classic arcade top scores. Each game chosen will have a notepad next to it where top scores are recorded. Teams will compete against each other to maintain the top score for as many games as possible. Each top score is worth 1 point & will be updated every 30 minutes until the end. Each team will have to find and communicate what games they have been beaten on and find players to defend their points until the time limit is up.

    Fairly straight forward so far, well there are a couple of twists. Some games have specific challenges or constraints associated with them, some games are better played together, and some must be played against other teams. In addition, the tournament moderators will be checking to make sure the scores remain balanced. If one team has too many points or there hasn't been any updated scores on a game for too long, then the moderators may play and try to beat the current top score. If the moderator is able to beat the current winner the top score will be reverted back to the previous high score giving teams a chance to nab themselves a point on a game they may not have been able to before, or defend and prove that their score was not a fluke.

Having a friendly gaming tournament with your company is good for:

  • Leadership and Teamwork building
  • Stress relief
  • Ice Breaking
  • Team spirit and it's a great moral booster

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